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Welcome to Lunchy!

Lunchy not only makes lunch easier it also makes your life better! How does it do that? It collects and provides essential information about lunch places.

What is lunchy?

Lunchy is platform to collect and share lunch information with your colleagues and co-workers.

For whom does it make sense?

For everybody working in a company where people go outside and grab something to eat during lunch break.

How do I join?

If there is already a space for your company then use the specific URL and create yourself an account.

When you are the first person from your company then feel free to create a company private space here and request a new space. I am always happy to on-board more companies.

You are not sure if there is already a space for your company? Write me an email and we'll figure it out together.

Isn't this system not similar to yelp, tripadvisor or foursquare?

Basically yes, but it focuses on information from you and your colleagues to share it with only you and your colleagues. It is not supposed to share with strangers all over the internet. The idea is to share lunch information with people you know and trust.

Can I test / just see it?

There is a demo space: You can either register an account there and just

Is it free?

Yes. And it is open-source.

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